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Organic is a leading marketing agency grounded in digital that successfully blends creativity with unmatched predictive intelligence. Founded in 1993, Organic has offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit and London and is part of Omnicom Group Inc.

#naughtBothered is a generative new media piece randomly combining:
• 3d modeling by Cam Altamura
• Analog video textures captured by StarPause
• User-generated content farmed from Twitter

To contribute, tweet the URLs for one or more GIFs and include the #naughtBothered tag. It can take a minute or two for your Twitter handle to appear in a thank you message & thereafter your GIF selections will be featured in the upper left picture-in-picture area!

#naughtBothered was developed with responsive web principles in mind—so it looks good tall, wide, or square. All of the code is executed client-side including JSONP calls to Twitter. Fork the CC-BY project on github or preview the work in your browser (user: naught pass: bothered)!

  • Posted 1 year ago by starpause
  • June 12th, 2013

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